Featured Product: Travel-sized Jitterbug Insect Spray

First came the Variety Pack of guest-sized soaps. People love them. I sell a lot out of our stores, and online, and through special requests (baby showers, wedding showers, etc.). As I’ve said before, these are great for traveling. And if there’s one product of ours that travels A LOT, it’s our Jitterbug Spray and Lotion Bar. You can get the Lotion bar on a plane (because it’s solid and under 3 oz, it’s a-ok per whatever the rules are about this kind of stuff and air travel). The Spray, well, you have to pack it with your checked luggage, because it’s too large. Solution! The travel-sized bottle!

2 oz of the Jitterbug Spray still goes a long way and will be just as effective while you’re ziplining in the jungles of Belize as it is when you’re taking an evening walk or hangin’ on the porch with a cold drink. Currently, this product is available at Growing Trade Pet & Plant and directly from us.