Our Products: Natural Soaps, Salves & Sprays

Green Leaf: Patchouli Gift Set of Five Products Including Bar Soap, Liquid Soap and Salve

100% Natural Handmade Bar Soaps

Our soaps start with a vegan base we make from scratch that cleans and pampers the entire body and creates a lot of gentle lather. As our company has evolved, we have added to the line of products a collection of soaps for different skin types and purposes.

Shea Butter Soap

Our shea butter soap is made with a generous portion of unrefined Ghana beige shea. These soaps form a thick, creamy moisturizing lather perfect for cleansing dry skin.

Household Soap

Specially formulated to produce lots of dirt-and-grime tackling suds, these hard bars of soap deeply clean the nails and knuckles of hardworking hands. They are crafted with exfoliants such as pumice, bentonite clay, non-GMO cornmeal, herbs and coffee grounds.

Shaving Soap

An alternative to gels and creams, our bentonite clay shaving pucks (for use with a mug and brush) provide a close, smooth non-drying shave, while pulling impurities from pores. They make excellent facial bars, too.

Sea Salt Spa Soap

These dense bars of salt soap gently polish skin like a jarred scrub, but they won’t leave an slippery residue in your tub. They provide a refreshing clean accompanied by the delicate scent of sea salt and essential oils.

Other 100% Natural Products

Beeswax Hand Salve

Our beeswax hand salve starts with local, no-spray beeswax which we mix with unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil (infused with local herbs) and vitamin E oil. That final result is a salve that sits on skin and protects hands from housework, gardening and excess hand washing.

Vegan Hand Salve

Our vegan salve is also made with herb-infused olive oil, shea and vitamin E. Instead of beeswax, it contains wax from the candelilla shrub. The formula is soft and creamy, sinks in and deeply moisturizes skin. It also feels nice on the dry ends of hair!

Jitterbug Insect Deterrent

Our Jitterbug insect spray is a natural blend of essential oils, lavender distillate, grapeseed oil, aloe and Vitamin E. It smells great, keeps pests away and it comforts sun- and heat-exposed skin.

Liquid Soap

Crafted from scratch and not a premade base or paste, our liquid soap is our long-tested recipe. It’s free of drying detergents and chemicals, and like our bar soaps, it is high in olive oil, lathers well and cleans gently without stripping skin.

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