Frequently Asked Questions About Our Soaps

Have questions about our soap? You’re not alone. We’ve had a lot of face-to-face time with customers at art shows, grocery-store demos, craft fairs and markets big and small, and we’ve compiled a list of common questions we’ve answered at these events.

What soap would you recommend for [insert skin condition here]?

We aren’t doctors, and questions like this are a bit hard to answer. (In addition, soaps aren’t medications, and they aren’t intended to be used as such.) However, we can certainly steer you towards soaps that are more mild or deeper cleaning—based on your needs.

Which soap do you use?

I use all of them! I rarely get the luxury of using a full-sized bar. Instead, I grab the scraps: misshapen end pieces, tester sizes and old random bars tucked away from years ago. (They get better with age!)

Do you have any goats’ milk soap?

The soap bases we’ve created are all vegan, so they don’t have animal fats in them.

Do you have any deals when you buy x-number of soaps?

No. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to do that. We make our soaps from high quality, food-grade oils, mostly extra virgin olive oil. It’s expensive. Plus, we only use essential oils, and essential oils are more expensive than synthetic fragrance oils. Also, our soaps are BIG 6oz bars. We’d like to think you are already getting a great deal.

I’d love to carry your product in my store…

That sounds great. I can send you a product and wholesale price list with UPC numbers and descriptions, and I can answer any questions about top sellers and ingredients. Please note that we only do wholesale. No consignment and no space rental. Fill out a Wholesale Inquiry here, and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Do you have sandalwood?

We did have a sandalwood soap, but we broke even on it. It’s an expensive oil, and you have to be careful about where it’s sourced. If you found an “all natural” sandalwood soap for five or six bucks, it’s probably synthetic. I get this question a lot, and I know people love sandalwood, so we are going to do our best to get a sandalwood soap back in our product line as soon as possible. In the meantime, you might want to check out our Slate soap, an activated-charcoal bar scented with patchouli, lavender, two types of cedar & two sandalwood oils. It’s woodsy, earthy & incensy and just might be the soap of your dreams.

Do these lather well?

I’ve formulated bars with different purposes in mind and they have different types of lather. If lather is what you want, check out one of our “balanced” soaps: Patchouli, Summer Night, Lavender Rosemary, Lavender, or Oatmeal. If you’re looking to get your hands squeaky clean, grab a super sudsy, grime-fighting Mechanic’s, dirt-scouring Gardener’s or grease-cutting Lemongrass Kitchen!

Do these have shea butter in them?

Yes, some of our soaps do, including our Lavender Mint and Lavender Oatmeal, and seasonal Orange & Clove and Pumpkin Pie Shea. All of our hand salves have shea in them, too.

Do you make lotions?

No, I make salves and body butters. Lotions are mostly water, and lots of them contain alcohol, mineral oil and other things that aren’t exactly great for your skin. If you take the water, preservatives and other junk out of lotions, you’d be left with the good stuff, like coconut or shea butter. So why not just use those ingredients directly?

What do you use for your base?

Our soaps aren’t made from a base, like a melt-and-pour soap is made. We make them from scratch, using oils (like olive and coconut) and sodium hydroxide (lye). Don’t worry, there’s no lye in the final product. Through the magic of chemistry, the oils and lye make wonderful soap, with a teeny bit of leftover oil (that’s called superfatting), which makes your skin feel divine!

How’d you get into soapmaking?

I think of all the questions, we answer this one the most. Like a lot of small businesses, it started as a hobby and went crazy from there! Read our story here.

Double Cedar shaving soap with activated charcoal & clay.