Featured Product: Variety Packs

Our Variety Packs are pretty cool. I sell a lot in big quantities to hosts of bridal and baby showers, and they are a huge hit around the holidays. Just as they were snatched up by customers as stocking stuffers last Christmas, I’m sure they’d be a welcome change in Easter baskets—not that chocolate candy is going out of style anytime soon.

They are also a great way to try out new stuff without committing to an entire bar. Let’s face it, if you’re a die-hard Double Cedar or Summer Night fan, you might not want to stray, but sometimes change is a good thing. And if you decide that change -wasn’t- a good thing, well, don’t worry an ounce bar gets used up way faster than a 6-ouncer!

Plus, these little guys are great for the sink. And for guests. And for travel (who likes hotel soap, anyway? Even the good stuff usually isn’t all that great…). And speaking travel, we’ve sold to people who bought our soap, the directly went to bathe with it…in a river or lake. These suds are much more eco-friendly than those created by skin-drying detergents, for sure.

This past week, we’ve upgraded the back panel of the Variety Packs with new labels. Rather than one label listing all the contents and ingredients, there are individual stickers for each (this is so much easier, for one!) and they are color coded to match the full-sized bar (and they look a lot better, honestly). I started off including a simple “Thank You” message with the final sticker, but then I decided to be creative and upgrade the Thank You message to include some “soapy trivia”—minutiae about soap history, science, etymology, herbs, mythology, lots of stuff. I’m kinda all over the place (as most people know) and I have a lot of useless (and not-so-useless) knowledge floating around in my head. I figured making that a part of the Variety Pack made sense.

None of the newest Variety Packs (with the “soapy trivia”) are on shelves yet. I’m sure they will be soon, as we restock these in stores every two weeks or so. If you’re feeling compelled, order one (or three!) online, via EtsyDiscounts are available for larger purchases.