Our TRAVEL TRIO {Don’t leave home without it…}

I’ve been hearing a bit about friends’ late-summer vacation or quick getaway plans. This is what I have to offer to them. Our Travel Trio Gift Box, which will help you Stay clean and bug-bite free on your next adventure. (Also: Hotel soap is horrible!)

Our Travel Trio Gift Box contains…

A Variety Pack containing five guest-sized, all natural, handmade soaps; [Six ounces of soap in guest-sized bars! All soaps are 100% natural, handmade (with love) & vegan.]

A 2-oz bottle our world-travelled Jitterbug Insect Deterrent; [A natural blend of plant essences, vitamin e, aloe & grapeseed oil that deters pests and conditions summer skin!]

and, last but not least,

A Soupourri sachet. [A small sachet of natural soap. Stash it in your pillowcase, sock drawer, or gym bag! Hang in your closet!]

Available on Etsy!

This gift set is packaged in an eco-friendly pinstriped kraft box with paper shreds of fun and festive colors, and comes ready for any occasion. A perfect gift for the traveler in your life!