All Natural Ingredients

Our bar soaps start with
natural oils, waxes and butters.

Using pure essential oils, herbs, spices, clays and grains, we craft aroma to pique your senses, texture to pamper your skin, and color to complement your visual preferences and decor. Also, our liquid soaps, salves and sprays consist of natural, plant-based ingredients that feel and smell great.

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Our Around The House Soap Set, featuring Handmade Gardener's Soap with Locally Sourced Cornmeal.

Handmade From Scratch

Raw Ingredients, unique Recipes And Time. That’s Handmade.

We grind herbs, infuse oils and blend essences. We make messes, celebrate successes and revisit failures. We pour, cut, trim and package. And we only sell what we’ve crafted from start to finish. That’s what makes our soaps, salves and sprays truly handmade.

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Some of Our Soaps Ingredients, Including Locally Sourced Herbs

Responsibly Sourced Materials

From Local herbs to Eco-friendly packaging. We’ve sourced the best.

Making good soap is hard. Getting good ingredients and materials is even harder. But it’s worth the time, testing and effort. We’ve scoured our options over the years and have sourced our local herbs, sustainable oils, quality essences and recyclable packaging with the utmost care.

More on why we work to source local when it’s available.

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