Spring Cleaning!

I haven’t been in the spring-cleaning spirit yet. Maybe it was the reports of some snowfall in the area today. I hibernated and finally got around to building an Etsy page. Check it out and treat yourself to a bar of our dirt-and-grime busting Mechanic’s soap—and maybe a salve to go with it.

Back to spring cleaning. Why? It’s because we make the BEST soaps for really getting your hands sparkly fresh, whether you’ve been diggin’ in the yard, wrenchin’ in the garage or slicin’ ‘n’ dicin’ in the kitchen.

All three of our Household Soaps are formulated to be a bit harder and deeper cleaning than the others we craft—the base formula being high in coconut oil. They are hard bars you can really dig your nails into. 

Our Gardener’s Soap, made with local non-GMO cornmeal (both coarsely and finely ground) and dried rosemary leaf from Carriage House Farm is gritty, yes, but not uncomfortably so. It’s lightly scented with lavender and patchouli oils (and I seriously think the cornmeal adds a sweet, “sunshiny” note—that’s how I describe it!), so it perfectly pairs with our lavender or patchouli vegan hand salves.

Got a tougher job… at hand? Our Mechanic’s Soap may be for you. And you don’t have to be a grease monkey to earn it. Our Mechanic’s Soap customers are gardeners, landscapers, painters, metal workers…and some folks just like the way it feels on their feet. This is truth. It’s the “real deal” and better than commercial hand cleansers thanks to a winning combo of pumice, clay, and lavender powder. Don’t worry, the lavender powder doesn’t make the soap any less manly or whatever, if that’s an issue.

Finally, our Kitchen Soap, goes without saying, is one of our most popular bars. We sell a lot. At shows. At our stores. I know I love it. I cook a lot. And this bar not only gets the oniony-garlicky stench out of my hands (so I’m not getting a whiff of it in hot yoga while in down dog.), but also tackles grease and grime and residue on pots and pans and cutting boards! (And here’s a tip, be sure to rinse over the side of the sink with the disposal—the lemony fresh suds will help freshen the blades!) This would be a great gift item to take to that first warm-weather BBQ!

I think that’s it for now! Thinking warm, sunshiny thoughts! How about you?

Mechanic's Soap
Lemongrass Kitchen Soap
Lavender Mint Salve