Patchouli Soap + Salve Gift Set Available

After being out of stock for a while, I got my act together and made vegan hand salves. We were out of a few types, including our popular patchouli salve. This is a good time to grab a gift set of our BAR SOAP, SALVE, & LIQUID SOAP in PATCHOULI. We call this our Green Leaf Gift Set—and your patchouli-loving friends & family will absolutely love this collection of our handmade, all natural patchouli products.

If you didn’t know already, I’m calling this gift set “Green Leaf” for a reason: Patchouli, is derived from “patchai” which means “green” and “ellai” which means leaf in the South Indian language Tamil. That said, the actual flower of the patchouli plant is blue and resembles that of the peppermint plant (the two are related, in fact!)

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