Summer Night: A not-so-seasonal, seasonal soap


First made on a balmy July day in 2011 (a small batch—where everything starts), our Summer Night soap was initially going to be a seasonal thing.

Nope. Not in the cards.

To this date, it just might be our most popular soap, no matter the season and it’s made year-round.

This soap starts with our go-to balanced base formula, with lots of skin-loving extra virgin olive oil, and it’s scented with a delicious blend of citrusy, spicy, earthy & herbal essential oils. It’s finished with a mix of ground lavender flower & local spicebush berry for a little extra color & texture.

We love this soap so much, we decided to add on vegan salve and liquid soap, both scented with the same blend of essences.

Snag a bar online or in one of our stores and see why Summer Night is a fan favorite for yourself.