Quarantine Self Care & Pick-me-up Gifts

Hello. I hope this e-mail finds you safe & healthy. I could go on about the million things in our world this first part of the year, between our move and plans for new spring products (which, guess what? never happened…) and the shelter-in-place order that’s been in effect for what seems like an eternity. But I won’t. Instead, I’d rather offer a little cheer for these strange times we are living in.

First. We have hand sanitizer. If you follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, you’ve seen that a majority of my recent posts have been about this new product. Originally available in a slim 2oz bottle, perfect for your purse, suitcase, travel set or car console, the Sanitizing Spray is now also available in an 8oz bottle with a convenient, lockable mini-trigger sprayer. The larger bottle, while still very portable, is great for keeping on kitchen counters, office desks, nurses’ stations, and bathroom sinks. Hand sanitizer, in general, isn’t a very exciting thing, but I tend to think ours, crafted with lavender distillate, vegetable glycerin and a touch of lemongrass essential oil, is at least comforting to the skin & senses in addition to being effective. Customers are loving it so much that they are buying more as gifts, particularly for their loved ones who are essential workers.

Second. Let’s talk about gifts. This time of year for me, usually, is all about the party favors and goodies for wedding & baby showers. Well, that’s not happening so far in 2020. But what is happening is even better. People are helping their friends & family get through this tough time with mailed care packages filled with personal notes, handmade gifts, special treats and some of our products I like to file under “good things in small packages”—guest-sized bars & hand salves. Our guest-sized soaps come in sets of 6, 12, 18 & 24, but if you want a different amount, just ask. I can make a custom listing just for you. And our vegan and beeswax salves are in high demand right now, too, because I don’t think anyone sees an end in sight to the frequent hand washing.

For more gift ideas (and don’t forget to treat yourself!) be sure to see our current listings at FlowerAndEarthSoaps.etsy.com.

Photo courtesy DyahMiller.net